About Us

Established in 2020, Origin Support Services is driven by a commitment to redefine the standards of care through innovative support concepts. Our mission is to provide authentic, practical and compassionate support to our clients and their families. We
support “you” to live your life your way.

At Origin Support Services, your well-being is at the heart of what we do. Let us join you on your journey to better care and support.


We empower participants in attaining their NDIS goals on their terms, providing unwavering support throughout every phase of their journey.


We believe that every person, regardless or their abilities, deserves to live a life filled with dignity, respect, and equal opportunities.


We fulfil our mission by wholeheartedly committing to empower NDIS participants on their individual journeys. Our unwavering support not only nurtures their well-being but also enables them to recognise and exceed their NDIS goals.

Disability Support Program

Disability services In Cairns

Core Supports allows you to live as independently as possible.

disability support care

It’s extremely important to Origin Support Services to match each client with the most suitable care worker. We ensure correct and appropriate training has been undertaken so we can provide care with trust and comfort.

We would love to meet with you and your family, to arrange a no obligation meeting, at a day and time that suits you, with a view to developing a comprehensive and manageable care plan.

Supported Independent Living

Our staff are here to provide assisted live in personal and self care supporting you and your loved ones in a safe, comfortable and familiar home environment by assisting with various personal and self care duties.

Community Access

If you want to stay connected with or start to become more active in your community, we can support you.

Stay Connected

If you want to stay connected with or start to become more active in your community, we can support you.

Feedback and complaints

Origin Support Services welcomes all feedback, including complaints and compliments. We are committed to improving our service by listening to those who share their feedback.


Origin Support Services has ongoing intake for Community Access, SIL & ADL participants – contact Daniel Smith on 0429 121 931 or sdmcas@originss.com.au

Supported Independent Living

  • Entire property vacant in Edmonton
    – 1:2 ratio
  • 1 bedroom vacancy in White Rock
    – 1:3 ratio, Supported by males and females
  • 1 bedroom vacancy in Brinsmead
    – 1:2 ratio, Supported by males and females, male only
  • 1 bedroom vacancy in Brinsmead
    – 1:3 ratio, Supported by males and females, male only

For additional information, please contact Lexie McPhee at sdmsil@originss.com.au

STA Opportunities!

Origin have committed to completing 5 STA programs to close out 2023! These trips vary from: – Return to Country Trips (remote community visits) – Supporting participants traveling to Cairns in an arrangement at their request – Local respite for participants and families

For additional information, please contact Service Delivery at sdmcas@originss.com.au or sdmsil@originss.com.au

Disability Services Cairns FAQs

Do you provide personalised support plans for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, we offer personalised support plans tailored to the unique needs and goals of each individual with disabilities. Our approach is to work closely with you and your family to develop a comprehensive and manageable care plan that aligns with your aspirations and lifestyle. We believe in empowering our clients to live their lives their way.

How do you ensure the safety and well-being of individuals receiving disability support services?

The safety and well-being of our clients are crucial to our team. We strive to carefully match each client with a care worker who is considered suitable and has completed relevant training. We intend to deliver care that aims to cultivate trust and comfort. Moreover, our services are designed to support individuals in a safe, comfortable and familiar home setting. These include various personal and self-care tasks to encourage independence, always focusing on safety.

How do you support individuals with disabilities in transitioning to adulthood?

Assisting individuals with disabilities during their transition to adulthood is a part of our NDIS services. We aim to support our participants by helping them work towards their goals in a manner that respects their preferences, offering support at various stages of their journey. This includes facilitating access to education, employment opportunities and social activities, which are important for a seamless transition to adulthood. Our objective is to help young adults with disabilities feel prepared as they face the challenges and opportunities of adulthood.

How do you promote community inclusion and participation for individuals with disabilities?

Our key focus is fostering community inclusion and participation for individuals with disabilities. Recognising the value of staying connected and active within the community, we structure our services to facilitate engagement in community activities. These also extend to social events and other opportunities encouraging inclusion and participation. Through supported independent living arrangements or community access programs, we aim to help our clients become active in their communities.